Life with 7

Blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have such a chaotic home!  I try to cherish the noise, because I know some day I’ll have my quiet house….and I’ll want the noise back.  Life with 6 boys and 1 girl is an adventure!  We had 5 boys when God threw a pink kink in our world 🙂  She is now a big sister to the youngest brother who is getting ready to turn 3!!  Our oldest will graduate in a few months. (sniff)

Life with 7 is crazy, but I can’t imagine it or want it any other way.  We get “looks” from folks when we’re out and about, and I wish I had a nickel for every time someone asked, “Are they all yours?”  I thought a mini-van was the end of cool, but I was wrong.  We now drive a 12-passenger van that I can’t park.  It’s way un-cooler than my Honda Odyssey, but we all fit…with a few extra seats to put more space between squabblers.  And it helps to put the loud ones in the back seat….they’re half of a block behind me!

Our grocery bill is hefty, even though we try to buy in bulk and shop sales.  We buy 6 gallons of milk each week and 4 dozen eggs.  Boys just seem to consume an awful lot of food….they require substance.  Cheese and cracker snacks don’t seem to fill them up unless you allow them to consume the entire box.  They’re carnivores and it takes a lot of meat to feed half a dozen of them.  Food is probably the most challenging part of a large family for me.  I wasn’t born a domestic diva, and have had to just learn along the way.  Lots of trials and errors:)  Sometimes the learning curve is rather steep and takes me 10 times as long.  Life and laundry don’t stop for me to take a “how to feed half a dozen carnivores on a dime” course.

We’re all in process.  I hope to continue learning along the road of Motherhood, and this blog will share some of those life lessons.  I look forward to learning from you as well!  Please share your insights and lessons you’ve learned along the journey as well!!  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to let me know you were here 🙂


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