About 6 yrs. ago, we decided our football, basketball, golfball and more, had hit our neighbor’s suburban too many times.  Our family of 5 boys traded our city plot for 5 acres in the country.  We weren’t raised in the country and knew nothing about country living, livestock or agriculture.  But after awhile, we felt like we needed to “do something” with our land….make it productive and useful in some way, but what to do?

About this same time, our oldest sons were wanting to earn money.  The little odd jobs around the house weren’t raking in the kind of cash they were desiring.  They also needed something significant yet physical to occupy some of their time and energy.  This is when we decided that a market garden would be a good fit – productive land and productive boys!

Boys working in 1st garden

Market Garden – 1st year

We took our garden produce to the farmer’s market each week in addition to tending the garden.

Bethany Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market

We’ve learned much about gardening by trial and error over the last several years.  Here, you can find some of the lessons we’ve learned and are still learning 🙂  Please feel free to leave a question or a comment and let me know you stopped by!


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