Celebrate World Read-Aloud Day

Nothing has been a more enriching, bonding and beneficial activity over the years than read-aloud time with my children.  I love gathering my little brood and snuggling with a good book.  With the first-born, we went through stacks of books every day.  Books were our fun.  We enjoyed the same books over and over and over and over.  No big surprise that he is a voracious reader today.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to read to each of our children like I did the first.  It’s simply logistics.  However, we have a core group of books that have become a part of our family experience.  The characters seem to almost be our real friends:  Ferdinand, Corduroy, Madeline, Mike Mulligan, Ping, etc.   It’s been fun to watch the older children enjoy reading their favorite picture books to their younger siblings.  They still enjoy them because they have a connection with these great stories.

We are celebrating World Read-Aloud Day today.  These are a few of our favorites we’ll be sharing!

World Read Aloud Day

The Runaway Bunny

We love this story about a mother bunny and her son who tries to think of a way to run away….but his mom is always able to find him.  🙂

World Read Aloud Day

Ask Mr. Bear

This is a story about a boy who wants to get his mother a birthday gift.  He’s not sure what to get her so he seeks out ideas from his animal friends.  Mr. Bear’s idea wins!

World Read Aloud Day

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

With 6 boys in our family, this has been a favorite for sure!  Robert McCloskey is one of our favorite authors and it’s easy to see why from this book alone.  Mike is faced with a dilemma, but nothing his steam shovel can’t fix!   Our boys (and girl) love this one!

Are you celebrating World Read-Aloud Day?  What are you reading??  Share some of your favorites with us!