Class of 2013

Senior picture


No longer in denial.  It’s official.  My oldest son had his senior pictures taken this last week, so I guess this graduating thing is for real.  Not to sound cliche’, but it is soooo true. They grow up so fast!  Where DOES the time go?  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  One day they’re in diapers and the next….diploma!

Eighteen years ago, I gave birth to a precious baby boy who stole my heart like I never knew possible.  There were 6 more heart thieves that followed – 5 boys and 1 girl.  Our youngest sweet boy is still in diapers.  They bless me, stretch me, and amaze me every day.

Having watched how quickly 18 yrs. can zip by, I’m more relaxed with the younger siblings.  I’ve reminded my oldest son numerous times that he is the guinea pig and  counseling will most likely be required in his future to undo the damage done 🙂   When he was a baby, I remember spending hours searching for the perfect socks – not too thin, not too tall, not too tight across his toes, etc.  Yes, hours. Really?!?  At this point,  matching socks are a rare commodity.  Matching in color and size – as common as a 4-leaf clover! We have a sock basket with a steady population of about 50+….not one match! The sock combos exumed from here can be quite interesting, but no one dies.

My hope is to keep daily life in the proper perspective and make the most of every day along the way.  Senior picture day and diploma will be here for each of them all too soon!

Would love to hear how you handled your graduates!  Did you cry at every “last” thing??  How did you deal with it?  Leave a comment below!