Grow Your Own Food – How Much to Grow

Backyard fall garden

Backyard Garden…Beautiful!

Don’t you just love the idea of being able to walk out your back door and have garden- fresh veggies and herbs ready to pick??  It is awesome and very rewarding to grow your own food for your family.  But as it is with everything that is worthwhile, a little planning is necessary.  You may know what you’d like to grow, but how much do you need to plant?  How many tomato plants do you need to plant for a family of 4?  Squash plants?  Beans? Watemelon?

Gibby’s Garden Blog has a great post about planning your garden to fit your family’s size and taste.  She recommends answering these questions to help you determine what to plant and how much:

  • What vegetables does your family like to eat?
  • What vegetables do you eat most often?
  • Are you planning to eat fresh or preserved veggies? Both?

By answering these questions you should be able to come up with what to grow rather quickly.  The “how much to grow” part takes a little more time, but definitely worth the few extra minutes.  For vegetables like tomatoes, and sweet peppers, the recommended amount is 4 plants per person.  For other vegetables like squash, winter squash and pumpkins, 1 plant per person is sufficient.  You can find a comprehensive list of common vegetables and the number of plants needed per person here.  This handy dandy list will make it much easier to grow your own food.

I know it’s still cold outside, but now is the perfect time to plan your garden.  Share your family’s favorite veggies below and tell us what vegetables you will grow!

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