How to Start Plants from Seed

You know what you’d like to grow in your garden, but how do you get started??  First, you must consider how those plants will grow best.  Should you start plants from seed indoors under lights?  Or, would they fare better from seeding directly into the garden soil?  This is valuable information to know.  Some seeds absolutely will not perform well if direct seeded into the soil such as tomatoes.  Others will not survive transplanting, like carrots. How do you know which is best for the varieties you’ve chosen?

Johnny’s Seed has put together a chart which shows which plants should be direct seeded into the garden and which should be transplanted.  This is a comprehensive list of vegetables, so don’t be overwhelmed by its volume.  Simply look for the veggies you’d like to grow and determine how you should begin…start the seeds indoors to grow your own transplants or plant the seed directly into the garden at the appropriate time.

How to Start Plants from Seed

Direct Seed or Transplant?

Notice that several vegetables show up on both the “Direct Seed” and “Transplant” list such as lettuce, cabbage, greens and melons.  These will grow equally well either way.

In addition to the direct seed and transplant list, this chart also gives seed amounts required.  When starting your plants from seed, this is invaluable.  Keep in mind, this is based on a 100′ row.  You may not have a 100′ row, so do the math to fit your area.  If you have a 10′ row, then you will only need 1/10 of the seed amount required for a 100′ row.  Don’t get bogged down in the math.  If you have seed left over, then share with your friends or plant more and give away your veggies to your friends.  Everyone loves fresh garden veggies and they will love you for it!

You may be wondering how much to plant based on your needs and family size??  Good….I’ll cover that in my next post “How Many Tomatoes?”

So, what will you grow??  Direct seed or transplant?  Thanks for sharing!


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