How to Plant a Vegetable Garden – Part 2

Ok, so now you know that you should be looking through seed catalogs.  Browse through them to get ideas on what you’d like to grow….the good old standbys plus some amazing new vegetables you never knew existed.  Once you know what you’d like to grow, then it’s necessary to determine if they grow best from seeding directly into the garden or from transplanting “baby plants” into your garden.  This is why it’s vital to start planning your vegetable garden now…in the middle of winter!

It will take some plants 6-8 weeks of growth before they’re ready to put in the ground.  Others it will take only 3-4 weeks.  Make a list of what you want to plant and note how each plant should be started.  I’ll share more information on this in my next post, “How to Start Plants from Seed.”

When looking through the seed catalogs, you will be amazed at the number of different varieties.  Who knew there were so many different types of lettuces??  Before I started our vegetable garden, I only knew of romaine, iceberg and leaf lettuce.  There are amazing varieties with different tastes, textures, colors and shapes.  I grow what we can’t find at the grocery store.  The reds and all shades of green…some green with red spots, some mottled.  And they’re very easy to grow which is always a good thing!  This is one of my absolute all-time favorites.

Mottistone lettuce

Mottistone lettuce

It’s beautiful in the ground and in the salad bowl as well!

So, get your list ready.  Determine which seeds grow best started early indoors or sown directly into the garden when soil temps. warm up.  When you have that information, you’re ready for the next step!!

What vegetables/herbs are you going to try?  Would love to hear what you’re planning!


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