How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

Okay…confession time.  I LOVE looking at these amazing catalogs!  In fact, there is no other catalog that even comes close.  Not even Lands’ End or J.Jill.  This gorgeous jewel arrives in my mailbox usually between Christmas and the New Year.  I don’t  open it until everyone is in bed, sound asleep.  Then, I retrieve the catalog and very leisurely look at each glossy page and savor each photo without interuption. Pictures of perfection.  No squash bugs, stink bugs, hornworms, cabbage loopers, flea beetles, etc.  It’s dream time and I dream.  I dream of the garden I’d love to grow.  Then I set about planning it.

January is the most frigid time of the year.  The days are gray and the ground is hard and cold. Who’s thinking gardening now?  Well, if you’re not, you should be.  Especially if you want to save money and plant much of your vegetable garden from seed.  From seed, you pay pennies per plant.  The same plant purchased in the spring from your local nursery will cost $1-$3 or more depending on size and variety.  It makes sense to grow as much as you can from seed by starting the seeds indoors in a few weeks or direct seeding right into the garden bed when the soil warms up.

Share your garden dreams and ideas below!  What seeds will you be starting early indoors?


4 thoughts on “How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

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