Want. Need. Wear. Read.

Want. Need. Wear. Read.

These 4-letter words have revolutionized Christmas for me!  A few years ago, I was lamenting to a friend about how I always struggle with choosing gifts at Christmas.  As our family size has grown over the years, it has become more difficult to decide how the Christmas budget should be divided up among the kids.  Should the older ones get more money because their gifts cost more?  Should I split it evenly among all 7?  Or, should I just take the money and run?!?

My dear friend wisely shared with me how they handle their Christmas giving.  She buys each of her children something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.


l Want

Need (warm boots)

Need (warm boots)

Nike Free Christmas



Amazing.  Why hadn’t I thought of that??  They each get 4 presents, which can still add up rather quickly if you have several children.  However, it helps me stay focused.  I don’t have to worry so much about “keeping it even” and making sure that it doesn’t appear that someone is getting more than everyone else.

How many times have I bought just that one more little thing for someone and then realize that I need to go out and buy an additional 6 “one more little things” for everyone else???  It can get kinda crazy!   This new trick has taken much of the chaos and stress out of the Christmas season for me and has truly transformed our gift-giving.

Would love to hear your best holiday de-stressing tips and tricks!  Leave a comment  below 🙂


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